MindSpider is a general purpose programming utility allowing users to explore the benefits and ease-of-use of our dataflow visual programming environment and tools.

MindSpider Application Screenshot

Some of our current features include:

Built-in and automatic hyper-threaded execution of dataflow applications.
Intuitive visual manipulation of dataflow objects.
Fully customizable user interface for dataflow objects and object properties.
Step-by-step visual runtime debugging of a user dataflow application.
Easy creation of customized dataflow objects for full extensibility.
Tooltips for general object usage descriptions, as well as for the
various data types supported by each dataflow input or output channel.
Full undo/redo support.
Creation and manipulation of dataflow object procedures.

MindSpider Debugging Toolbar Runtime Debugging

Debugging an application is made simpler by being able to see every interaction between the various dataflow objects. The user is able to stop, pause, and step through each interaction, and continue to make any necessary connection changes at runtime.

MindSpider Debugging Screenshot

MindSpider is currently in development, and is not yet publicly available.  MindSpider is currently built for execution on a Microsoft Windows desktop platform, but we are mindful of future support for additional platforms and graphics environments.

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